Surfing through the numerous food blogs online, quite a number of them had posted about roasting crispy roast pork using an oven and all the roast pork came out looking so perfect! I drooled over the photos but I had never thought I will ever do this myself. But I did! And the result was amazing… This is my Crispy Roast Pork (脆皮烧肉) Journey

The three items that are crucial for making a crispy roast pork – five spice powder mixture (five spice powder + garlic salt + white pepper), salt and the special skewer to prick the skin of the roast pork (can be bought from wet markets).

For the dry rub (five spice powder mixture), it was adapted from Nasi Lemak Lover – 2tsp garlic salt + 1tsp five spice powder + 1 tsp ground white pepper. She used this amount for a 2.8kg pork belly, I used around 2/3 of it for my 700g.

pluck excess hair, if any

Method-wise, it’s a mixture from the neighborhood aunties, Blessed Home Maker who had also air-fried her crispy roast pork and Nasi Lemak Lover who oven-roast.

Method (i used a 700g pork belly, the size fitted nicely into the air-fryer)

1. Cooked the pork belly thoroughly in water (so far the blogs i visited will blanch the pork only, pat dry, prepare skin, season and dry in the fridge overnight. but the neighborhood aunties recommended cooking thoroughly)
2. Remove from water and let it air-dry in the open (around 3 to 4 hours). Pluck excess hair if any.
3. Pat dry any excess water from the pork belly and prepare the pork skin by pricking the skin with the sharp skewer, the more holes the better (for crispier skin)
4. Lightly score the skin with a knife
5. Massage the dry rub into the meat area
6. Rub some lemon/ lime juice on the skin and followed by salt (told by neighborhood aunties)
7. Preheat the air-fryer for 5 to 10 mins at 160degree C (i laid aluminum foil underneath the basket to ‘collect’ the oil for easy washing)
8. Place the pork belly skin facing up into the air-fryer
9. Air-fry for 160degree C for 30mins, 180degree C for 30mins

Seasoned pork belly

Hope this helps for air-fryer users

After air-frying for one-hour, you will be rewarded with this golden brown and crispy skin roasted pork! Doesn’t the color looks so amazing and satisfying? I did a CRISPY ROAST PORK! It’s HOMEMADE! I am so proud of myself.

After letting it cool in the air-fryer basket for awhile, the slicing ceremony takes place! It truly looks so amazing. And I love the dry rub! And at first Mr Boyfriend was worried that the roast pork will turn out very salty, but it’s not! The skin is not salty and the meat is not salty. But the garlic salt did give the meat a slight spiciness  but nothing too overwhelming. Overall, the dry rub is a very nice seasoning to the roast pork.

Please please please remember to prick the skin as much as you can. Don’t be worry with damaging the skin. We though we pricked sufficiently but some parts were missed can came out slightly chewy but overall, the skin was still crispy. Very tasty crispy roast pork!

Will I do this again? DEFINITELY a YES! It is worth the effort and time. But will I do this without an air-fryer? No, because the oil from the pork splatter all over the place.

I love my air-fryer…

Cooking is an amazing journey