Sharing my current favorite instant meal from MEIDI-YA – Nishiyama Norean Noodle Soup. They come in four favours – Shoyu, Miso, Shio and Tonkatsu.

Tonkatsu has the shortest shelf life, so normally I will go with the other three. Just in case it expires before I can enjoy it.


Each small packet contains concentrated goodness of the soup base. Just bring to boil with 300ml of water and add in your choosen carbo like noodles or bee hoon, and any other ingredients to make it a instant complete meal.


If you wish to impress someone with a bowl of homecooked ramen, MEDI-YA carries imported ramen too. But I like to go with bee hoon because it’s cheaper and always available in my kitchen.

Meal for one made simple with these soup packs.