Previously I had cooked Chinese Pear with Snow Jelly and White Fungus for him but he dislike the pear. So decided to try something different. BUT I forgotten to soak the snow jelly beforehand and didn’t realize I run out of white fungus. Silly me.

Regardless, I prepared the Longan Red Dates Tea (龙眼红枣茶) for the family. Red Dates (红枣) are known more for blood improvement but it gave the tea an enhance taste. Use the Dried Longans (龙眼干) moderately as too much will make the tea heaty, this also gave sweetness and a light longan fragrance to the tea. Then according to the Chinese Medicine Shop previously, southern apricot kernels (南杏), northern apricot kernels (北杏) and dried fig (无花果干) are helpful for cough so I included them into the tea also as My Boyfriend is having some cough.

What you need (i adapted the southern apricot kernels (南杏) northern apricot kernels (北杏) ration from TravellingFoodies)

2L water
8 Red Dates (i use seedless)
8 Dried Fig (optional)
2 tbsp dried longan
1/2 tbsp southern apricot kernels 南杏
2 tbsp northern apricot kernels 北杏
Rock sugar


1. Wash the apricot kernels slightly
2. Wash and soak the red dates, dried fig and dried longan for around 1 min
3. Bring water to boil
4. Place all besides the rock sugar into the boiling water
5. Let the water boil for 20mins (or an additional of 10 to 15mins after the dried longan is fully hydrated) before adding rock sugar to taste

Serve warm or chilled (i guess mostly will prefer chilled in this warm country)

I love the color, the fragrance and the taste of the tea! If you have dried white fungus or snow jelly on hand, I suggest you add it in, not only are they beneficial for the body, they will add some texture to the tea. And Mr Boyfriend drank one big cup without complaining, so will be doing this again. Hopefully I won’t forget the snow jelly the next time.

A simple pot of sweetness