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This is yet another experiment with air-fryer – air-frying cashew nuts.

Raw cashew nuts can be bought from dried products stall in wet markets, along with peanuts and dried sliver fish etc etc. And since air-fried salted peanuts are so successful and well-loved (it goes very well with porridge!). Decided to try cashew nuts.

What you need (adapted from Food4Tots)

100g raw cashew nuts


1. Boil washed cashew nuts in water with some salt
2. Remove cashew nuts when the nuts started to float and pat dry
3. Spread the cashew nuts on the air-fryer basket (i laid a piece of grease-proof baking paper)

Air-fry 120degree C for 1hour or slightly more for a more crunchy texture but take care to check every ten minutesWas a bit disappointed with this, as compared to peanuts. The color of the air-fried cashew nuts were not appealing, it looks almost like the raw cashew nuts. And the air-frying time is very long. An hour! But it does taste healthier as compared to store-bought as no additional oil was used. But if you ask me whether I will do this again, I will say no, unless there’s some special occasion that requires this. Otherwise, I will continue to replenish the salted peanuts instead.

Not all homemade are worth it