Nan-Ya Night Market 南雅夜市 was not on our list of night markets to visit because it never surface from all the google-ing. This night market was recommended by a local and mentioned we would need to cab there from Banqiao 板桥 Metro Station. After checking on google map, Mr Boyfriend decided we can walk from Fuzhong 府中 Metro Station, and he’s right! It’s just a 10 to 15mins walk and everyone who’s going to Taipei should visit this night market.Nan-Ya Night Market 南雅夜市

The sign of the start of the night market if you walked from Fuzhong 府中 Metro Station.

Being our last night market in Taiwan, we spent whole night here playing at their game stalls, snacking and strolling through the street enjoying the atmosphere. Here’s some stuffs we tried and find them satisfying:

Nan-Ya Night Market 南雅夜市

When doing some research before heading to the night market, this Sesame Oil Chicken was on the ‘must-eat’ list. Instead of having it there, we pack back to the hotel.Nan-Ya Night Market 南雅夜市

This didn’t quite agree with me, but Mr Boyfriend like it. Unlike our local style, it’s more of a soup kind. It’s fragrant but the soup is too oily for me. A either you like or don’t like dish. No harm trying if you are there. Lots of locals are q-ing up for this.Nan-Ya Night Market 南雅夜市

Freshly Deep-fried Yam Ball. If you love yam, you got to try this. When we first buy, there’s no Q in front of us. BUT when we walked past it on our way back, there’s a long Q. Nan-Ya Night Market 南雅夜市

I ordered the salted egg favor. Love the yam, love the salted egg, love the meat floss. The combi is very tasty. Sadly I can only stomach one of this because there’s still a whole stretch of stalls to visit.Nan-Ya Night Market 南雅夜市

QQ Ball aka Sweet Potato Ball. This is the third stall we had tried during this trip and this is really the best. Nan-Ya Night Market 南雅夜市

It’s fresh, its huge, it’s Q, it’s crispy and you can really taste the sweetness of sweet potato (means not much flour added). Nan-Ya Night Market 南雅夜市

Seafood Shell. Saw this at other night markets but first try here.Nan-Ya Night Market 南雅夜市

It’s like our otah without the spiciness, added with fresh scallop. Interestingly served in a shell.Nan-Ya Night Market 南雅夜市

Tomato. Serious. They sell fresh juicy tomato with a sauce mixed on the spot. Nan-Ya Night Market 南雅夜市

The sauce is pretty unique in taste, it’s sweet plus a bit of ginger taste. Somehow, it really goes very well with the tomato. I’m not a tomato person, especially raw ones. But I find myself enjoying this. Maybe also because this is the most healthy stuff to balance all the unhealthy eats for the past 13 days. Nan-Ya Night Market 南雅夜市Crispy Chicken Roll. Using chicken skin as the ‘paper’ and rolling chicken meat in it.
Nan-Ya Night Market 南雅夜市

Super healthy but who cares! It’s heaven. The chicken skin is so crispy and thin, it contains almost zero oil to it. Plus it’s freshly cooked. Crispy on the outside and tender juicy in the inside.Nan-Ya Night Market 南雅夜市

Deep-fried Cheese. Again, another long Q stall.Nan-Ya Night Market 南雅夜市

Ordered the original. Can’t really remember the texture now but it does have the ‘wow’ factor. Plus there’s lots of other favors to choose from. Do try.Nan-Ya Night Market 南雅夜市

Flying Fish Fishcake. Each stick is freshly friend and there’s a piece of hard boiled egg in each fishcake.Nan-Ya Night Market 南雅夜市

There’s also some sauces that you can apply onto your fishcake yourself. QQ and yum yum. Regretted sharing one among the two of us. (p.s. if you walked from Fuzhong 府中 Metro Station, this stall is at the other end of the night market)Nan-Ya Night Market 南雅夜市

Udon Burger. Where the bread is actually pressed udon that’s crispy on the outside. 1 side of the bread is then fry again with an egg. Patty of your choice of pork or chicken (cant remember other favors). BCL IMG_3594

This is how ‘thick’ it is. It reminds me of Mos Burger. Interesting and of course delicious. Love the crispy udon, and pork patty and tons of seaweed.  

And these are not just all we had for the night! We pack some finger food back to our hotel for supper, e.g. deep-fried mushrooms and mega sized popiah. Of course we almost played at the game stalls to aid digestion. Comparing to other night markets at Taipei, the cost of playing games here is cheaper and easier to earn yourself a prize.

Though a tourist night market, not many tourist visit or know about this place. Even their locals might now know the direction here. But we promise you, it’s really worth to spend one night here.

For the food, for the games and for the people.