Man Lai Hot Spring Ramen 满来溫泉拉面 at XinBeiTou 新北投 seems to be a hot spot for the locals and tourists. It was packed when we went over for a late lunch. Luckily we didn’t had to Q too long as we were both hungry after more than 2 hours on travelling from the south to the north.


Their menu are printed on wooden block and we ordered a table-full of stuffs.

Hot Spring Egg (NT 25). It’s chilled, and runny. There’s also a small bit of wasabi by the side if you need a extra kick. I mixed the egg up with the sauce and finished everything. Do save some space for this. And definitely a ‘must-order’. I wish I can have one now. 满来溫泉拉面

Deep-fried Tofu (NT 40). Crispy on the outside, silky on the inside. No taste of oiliness. Good to try too. 满来溫泉拉面

Combo Ramen (NT 190). I’m not sure how to translate the name of it, this ramen just had everything and anything. The ingredients totally outweigh the amount of ramen. Plus all the ingredients taste so so fresh. I got full from clearing the ingredients and the sides. Felt so apologetic for not finishing the ramen but I’m really seriously too full.  满来溫泉拉面

The soup was superb! We finished the last drop. 满来溫泉拉面

Pork Chop (NT 60). Skip this. Not worth giving your tummy space to. It’s overcooked/ hard to bite.满来溫泉拉面After google-ing before posting, it’s said that this shop is not be the original shop that is famous at XinBeiTou 新北投, but at the same time, there’s a notice at the shop front declaring it as the original and they had shifted here for a more hygiene environment. How true I do not know

But both of us do like the soup base, the ramen, the hot spring egg, the deep-fried tofu from this outlet. So that’s enough for us. Plus it’s just beside our hotel! And less than 3 minutes walk from the train station of XinBeiTou 新北投.

Man Lai Hot Spring Ramen 满来溫泉拉面
No. 1-8, Zhongshan Rd 
Open 11:30am – 9:00pm