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I had given my second ‘first’ to Hong Kong during this year trip to Snake King Yan 蛇王恩. Yes, I eaten and tasted snake meat. Till now I cannot believe it.Snake King Yan 蛇王恩

We did not deliberately looked for snake to eat. This shop happen to be opposite a public toilet which the guys rushed to when we reach Temple Street at Jordan. And being guys, and the cold weather, everyone (besides me) are interested and opt to warm ourselves up with snake soup as it’s consider a ‘heaty’ food for Chinese. Snake King Yan 蛇王恩

Thick Snake Soup 蛇羹. This is the thick soup version with lots of black fungus and TONS of snake meat. I’m not sure what the green garnish is but I don’t like it. To some maybe it’s like spring onion to soup.

Snake King Yan 蛇王恩

If you were to take this without knowing it’s snake, you will feel like you are eating fish meat texture + chicken taste. But after a few spoons, there’s this aftertaste that I don’t like. It’s like the mutton taste of mutton. Maybe it’s just me as the guys enjoyed it. Or it’s the mental reminder it’s snake I’m eating.
Snake King Yan 蛇王恩Clear Snake Soup 蛇汤. I prefer this more! It’s just like drinking normal double boiled soup. There’s no taste of the snake meat (unlike the thick version) but there’s taste of the chinese herbs and meat. I had more of this and accepted this readily.

Knowing we are not locals, the shop owners were pretty friendly. While we were there, the shop has a constant flow of customers eating in and ordering takeaways. So it’s really a very local thing to do while you are in Hong Kong.

But next time while the guys are enjoying their thick snake soup, I will opt for other non-snake items. Still not a fan of it. But I’m glad I gave it a try.

Snake King Yan 蛇王恩