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VOM FASS had opened at Westgate! And Mr Boyfriend and I had been visiting this shop almost on a weekly basis now. Either to look out for new items on the rack, or to refill our bottles. This is how much we enjoy and love this shop.Vom Fass

One look, we know this will be Mr Boyfriend beloved shop with all the alcohol-s. But now, it’s fast becoming my favorite too. Located at Level 4, #04-41.
Vom Fass Vom Fass

We were attracted to the the rows and rows of colorful bottles of favored liquor. And further more, the service is superb! The staffs are always eager to intro you to new drinks and sampling before you decide which one to buy.

Here’s some of my favorites: Vom Fass Vom Fass

Both Rose Liqueur and Elderflower Liqueur goes very well green tea! Choose one that is none-sweeten to enjoy the sweetness and fragrance from these liqueur. For both, you can hardly taste the alcohol, which is also why I love them so much. Vom Fass

Whisky Cream Liqueur. Tried this but yet to buy. But I must say this is very smoothing! Next on Mr Boyfriend’s list to refill with.

Vom Fass

Creme de Framboise is on my next-to-refill-list. Raspberry Liqueur. Very fruity taste. Not sure yet which mixer to go with. Maybe green tea too. Vom Fass

Chocolate Cream Liqueur. The staff had been introducing this to us to go with ice cream. And true to it, it really goes very well with ice cream! It’s thick and chocolaty with a hint of alcohol aftertaste.  Vom Fass

They also carries a range of aged spirits. I had not reached the stage of enjoying them but Mr Boyfriend does.

Vom Fass

Besides alcoholic drinks, VOM FASS also carries a wide range of oils and vinegar. There’s too many to share and I had not explored this area either.Vom Fass

And the best part? Just purchase any bottles from them and fill it up with which ever liquor, oil or vinegar you want. And another best part? Once you finished, wash and bring the bottle back for refill and they will just charge you for the contain. Personally I love the idea as it’s ‘green’ and the bottles are so pretty!Vom FassI enjoyed the drinks and I hope you will too! Mr Boyfriend and I are already planning the bottles that we wanna buy when we shift to our new house so there will always be a constant supply.

They also have an outlet at MBS and Ion. But we had only been to the Westgate outlet.