For every trip to Hong Kong, we always make it a point to visit one of their islands. Not only for a seafood view, but also to purchase some dried seafood (e.g. dried shrimp eggs which goes very well with noodles) and also for the view. Been to Tai O and Lamma Island. So this round we ferry off to Cheung Chau (長洲) and thoroughly pig ourselves out with the seafood meal!

New Baccarate Seafood Restaurant 新金湖海鮮菜館

After a hike to their North Pavilion, we were back to their main street. New Baccarate Seafood Restaurant 新金湖海鮮菜館 is actually introduced by one of the local street food stall owner as we did not research for which stall to dine at before coming over. New Baccarate Seafood Restaurant 新金湖海鮮菜館


With 7 of us, we were debating whether to order Set C (5 to 6pax) or Set D (10 to 12pax). Looking at the price, we went with Set D but did not ordered any rice to go with it. New Baccarate Seafood Restaurant 新金湖海鮮菜館

The boys went with cold beer which I remember was relatively cheap there and this beer intro by the restaurant is also relatively smoothing. They ordered quite a few bottles for the meal.

New Baccarate Seafood Restaurant 新金湖海鮮菜館

It was really a table-full meal.

New Baccarate Seafood Restaurant 新金湖海鮮菜館

Salt & Pepper Mantis Shrimp 椒盐濑尿虾. I LOVE THIS!!! I know they don’t look cute and they are hard to de-shell. BUT the meat of this shrimp/ prawn is simply heavenly! The texture is good and there’s a dry-sweetness after taste. And being pretty sizable, it’s pretty meaty. But it’s really chore to de-shell.

New Baccarate Seafood Restaurant 新金湖海鮮菜館

2-ways Pork Ribs 特色鸳鸯骨. I couldn’t remember the taste of these months after the trip. But half of it was spicy with lots of garlic and another non-spicy. Meat was definitely tender.

New Baccarate Seafood Restaurant 新金湖海鮮菜館

Boiled Prawns 白灼生虾. Freshness. There’s no other ways to comment about this.New Baccarate Seafood Restaurant 新金湖海鮮菜館

Stir-fried Spring Onion & Ginger Crab 薑蔥炒蟹. I briefly remember the taste not bad. But it was too troublesome to eat this as it’s not the meaty crabs we were used to in Singapore. The crab meat was pretty fine and tasty though. Not something I enjoyed eating.New Baccarate Seafood Restaurant 新金湖海鮮菜館

Steamed Scallop with Garlic 蒜茸粉絲蒸扇貝. Another love dish. Fresh scallop + garlic + soy sauce + glass noodles = superb. Nothing really special but with the price, we had gotten lots of scallop. New Baccarate Seafood Restaurant 新金湖海鮮菜館

Cheesy Cuttlefish Ball 芝心墨鱼丸. I definitely remember this! Not only does the cuttlefish ball contains bits of cuttlefish, it’s super Q and there’s melted cheese in the center of it. I couldn’t get over the Q-ness of it.New Baccarate Seafood Restaurant 新金湖海鮮菜館

Steamed fish 清蒸海上鲜. I’m not sure what type of fish is this. But I didn’t like the texture. It’s just me as the guys enjoyed it.New Baccarate Seafood Restaurant 新金湖海鮮菜館

Stir-fried seasonal vegetables 清炒時菜. With all the meat and seafood. I truly enjoyed the vegetable. Light and much needed fiber to the meal.New Baccarate Seafood Restaurant 新金湖海鮮菜館The meal took us more than an hour to clear and everyone was so full and satisfied from these. But while blogging, I realize the restaurant might had missed out the soup. Nonetheless, it was a very hearty meal.

Damage for the set meal was around SG$127. We felt it’s worth the price for the fresh seafood and way cheaper than what we will have to pay locally. Plus we get to dine by the habour.

To get to New Baccarate Seafood Restaurant 新金湖海鮮菜館, once you alight from the ferry, turn left and it’s the last restaurant on the street.

Writing this made me miss the mantis shrimps.