During our previous trip to Hong Kong, we had a 1-day trip over to Macau. It’s easily accessible via the ferry service. It’s like going over to Tekong. But in order to make full use of the time there, do check out the timings of the ferries first.

Upon arriving, we are all super hungry. Instead of sitting down for a full meal, we decided to opt for street food 街头小吃, so as to try more stuffs and at the same time explore the place.

錦記牛雜 – this is like our Yong Tau Foo 酿豆腐 but they use curry sauce instead. They have rows and rows of ingredients for us to choose and we also went with mid-spicy 中辣.


With the cool weather and hungry tummy, it is extremely satisfying to eat this on the street. Its spicy and steaming hot at the same time. The curry sauce is similar to that of Japanese Curry. 澳门街头小吃

小上海 – skip this.澳门街头小吃

They serve freshly pan fried dumplings but the dumpling skin is overly thick with little filling. Waste of tummy space on this.澳门街头小吃

豪大大鸡排 – I know I know. This is technically a Taiwanese street food and there’s franchise in Singapore. But we had never try this before and so decided to go ahead. 澳门街头小吃

And we never regret! It’s so freshly deep fried, crispy on the outside, juice and tender in the inside. Steam is escaping with every bite. Plus, the serving is really huge! Two of us shared a piece and it’s like endless eating. Love it.澳门街头小吃

大利来小食 – our quest to look for the Macau Pork Bun, lead us to this stall with Q. There’s another pork bun stall besides this but there was no Q so we went with this instead.澳门街头小吃

By now we are pretty full. But how can we let go of the pork bun! And with the Q, these are fresh.澳门街头小吃Look at the size. But the bun itself is pretty disappointing and overall, the sandwich is dry as there’s no sauce to accompany the combi. However, the pork chop itself is tasty. But be mindful when you eat this as there’s a small piece of bone attached. And so, we shall continue our search for THE Macau Pork Bun on our next trip.

It was a pretty fun food trip. Walk, spot food, buy, eat, and the cycle continues.