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This is the only congee (porridge) we had in Hong Kong and this is why I can fall in love with congee too.

Fu Kee Congee 富記粥品 is walking distance from our stay and we decided to have it for breakfast before travelling to Macau. Generally congee is not my type of food but this is really something to try if you are at Hong Kong.Fu Kee Congee 富記粥品

Early in the morning.
Fu Kee Congee 富記粥品 Fu Kee Congee 富記粥品

With our limitation in language and reading of chinese characters, managed to know that the shop offers both congee and vermicelli roll for breakfast. And there’s a whole list of congee to choose from.Fu Kee Congee 富記粥品

We regretted not ordering more of the vermicelli roll! This is so good that they should be famous for this too. The ‘skin’ is so silky. When we wanted to order another plate, they are sold out.Fu Kee Congee 富記粥品

Ordered the Chicken Congee to share with Mr Boyfriend. Wanted roast goose congee but it’s not available for that morning. And I fell in love with the first spoon. The congee itself is already very flavorful and light on texture. On top of it, there’s the taste of the steamed fatty chicken (maybe leftovers from yesterday?). I was expecting shredded chicken, but it’s BIG pieces of steamed chicken. Super YUMMY!

Fu Kee Congee 富記粥品Another friend ordered the Mixed Pork Congee which has sliced pork, liver and intestines in the porridge. Tried the pork liver and it’s the chewy + powdery + not totally cooked type which is also super YUM! The congee itself, without asking, is as good.

But mind you, each different type we ordered, it did taste a bit different. It’s not like just adding the ingredients to pre-cooked congee.

We had also tried the Century Egg with Sliced Pork Congee and the century egg is heavenly! Unlike those yucky ones that we sometimes have locally.

I cannot remember the pricing, but it must not had been too costly. The serving is HUGE and there’s a lot of ‘liao’ (ingredients) in the congee. They should serve ‘you tiao’ these.  This is super highly recommended.

Fu Kee Congee 富記粥品
104-106 Fa Yuen Street
Mong Kok, Hong Kong