First meal in Hong Kong, how can it not be Dim Sum?! We were so determined to have 添好運 that we braved the walking from our apartment to Olympian City with our empty tummy to have a heavy and satisfied meal.Tim Ho Wan 添好運 (Hong Kong)

Like Singapore, we had to Q for it but unlike Singapore, for a group of 7, we got a table pretty fast!Tim Ho Wan 添好運 (Hong Kong)

Order of round 1. Already ~HK$600.Tim Ho Wan 添好運 (Hong Kong)

Most of the items are what we have in Singapore.
Tim Ho Wan 添好運 (Hong Kong)Tim Ho Wan 添好運 (Hong Kong)

The STAR of the meal is definitely Baked Bun with BBQ Pork. If you love the Singapore’s version, you would seriously feels like you are in heaven with the Hong Kong’s version. The bun is a bit more crispier and thinner and the taste of the filling is also better. We could not have enough of this.
BCL IMG_0993

Singapore vs Hong Kong? Hong Kong wins again. Texture are comparable but taste-wise, this has a better caramelized fragrance that Singapore’s lacks. It’s that little tiny things that counts.

Tim Ho Wan 添好運 (Hong Kong)

Normal. But still satisfying.

Tim Ho Wan 添好運 (Hong Kong)

This is one of the disappointment we had. The vermicelli roll itself is too thick for our liking. The Singapore’s version wins hands down.Tim Ho Wan 添好運 (Hong Kong)

This plate of chicken feet had me eating chicken feet and de-bone-ing it myself for the first time. Yes. This is how good it was. And how clean it looks.Tim Ho Wan 添好運 (Hong Kong)

I remember liking this. Had not try the Singapore’s version so can’t compare. But do try ordering this. Tim Ho Wan 添好運 (Hong Kong)

Another comparable dish. A dim sum meal is never completes without this.Tim Ho Wan 添好運 (Hong Kong)

Briefly remember that the Singapore’s version is better. Lack of taste I think.Tim Ho Wan 添好運 (Hong Kong)

Another must have for dim sum. This must had been good because I remembered we ordered more of this for our second round.Tim Ho Wan 添好運 (Hong Kong)

This is our Osmanthus jelly. A good sweet end to the meal. It’s tasty! And they were really generous with the ‘gou qi zi’ (枸杞子) and osmanthus flower. But we were all too full to have another bite. Imagine trying to finish 3 pieces between the 6 of us. We were that FULL!
Tim Ho Wan 添好運 (Hong Kong)

Table-full of items! The staffs had to clear our table continuously in order to bring us our orders.

Tim Ho Wan 添好運 (Hong Kong)We had also ordered the pan-fried carrot cake which all of us preferred the Singapore’s version because it’s better in texture. The Hong Kong’s carrot cake is too mushy.

So which version is better?

There’s hits and misses. I guess generally our preference are different. I wouldn’t mind either. But it’s much cheaper to satisfied our tummies in Hong Kong than locally. ~SG$100 can feed 5pax in Singapore while it can well feed 7pax in Hong Kong.

But the BBQ Pork Bun at Hong Kong is really something to try. Super yum yum.