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I must must recommend this!!! Fish Ball with Roe from Jing Li Hwa. A product of Taiwan.Fish Ball with Roe

I first had these for steamboat at Mr Boyfriend’s house. And recently, a sudden craving for that very fragrant filling of roe. Can easily be bought from NTUC and wet markets. Fish Ball with Roe

Looks-wise, it is not very pleasing and actually represent something inedible BUT do not be cheated by this! And be cautious when you eat these. The filling can be very hot, similar to Xiao Long Bao.
Fish Ball with Roe

Normally I would bite off the tip first, slowly enjoy the filling and finish off the fish ball. By then, your mouth would be filled with all the roe from the fish ball.

Fish Ball with RoeWhy I love this? The fish ball itself is QQ and I just love the roe filling in the inside. They are not stingy with it and the fragrance from the roe is super good to enjoy the whole process of finishing this off. And I enjoyed the piping-hot filling and biting into each little roe. Highly recommended for steamboat and instant noodles.