Aglio Olio had always been a favorite of Mr Boyfriend. Years ago, he found the recipe online on how to cook aglio olio and insisted I cook for him. It took ages for me to have the courage to cook this. Because the ingredients are very simple, just tons of garlic and chilli padi. These are the only key ingredients. It took 2 tries to get it right. And ever since, when I feel like cooking for him, I will cook this. And threw in different stuffs every time. There’s no recipe for this. Just go with the heart and nose.

Sea Scallop

Wanting to make it more special this time round, and feeling generous, I bought a packet of frozen sea scallop. There’s only 12 huge size scallop in this pack that cost me around $16. And after tons of MasterChef, I wanted to try pan-sear scallop.
Scallop Aglio Olio

What I used for 3pax

Frozen Sea Scallop defrost
Streaky Bacon (est 80g), cut to small pieces
Fresh Mushroom of your choice (a hand full)
1 whole garlic head chopped
3 chilli padi chopped
Lots of EV Olive Oil
Dry Pasta

1. Soak chopped garlic in EV olive oil prior to cooking
2. Cook pasta as per instruction with salt and some olive oil. After cooking rinse with tap or ice water and toss with more olive oil.
3. Pan-fry bacon without oil till cooked, add in mushroom and continue frying till bacon turn reddish-brown. (i find this more fragrant) Set aside.
4. Pan-seared scallop. (mine didnt go well so please google other sites) Set aside.
(If possible, do not wash the pan. As the oil/ butter in the pan would have the fragrance from the bacon and scallop)
5. Pour garlic olive oil mix into pan and add chilli padi. Fry till just before the garlic gets crispy.
6. Add pasta, stir well, add cooked bacon and mushroom, stir well and season.
7. Serve with scallop.

Scallop Aglio Olio

Though my pan-searing did not turn out well, but the scallop is just cooked with a minute plus on each side and retained it’s sweetness and sea-ness taste. And I love the thickness of the scallop! Please get the biggest scallop you can get if you wanna try this. It is definitely worth it.

And yes, I really do not follow any recipe. Goes with your eyes, nose, tongue and heart. Make sure the amount of olive oil is sufficient to coat all pasta and make sure there’s enough garlic and chilli padi to infuse sufficient taste into the olive oil. I only use garlic salt and some black pepper for seasoning. For the other ingredients, you can use anything you like. The ones I always use is fresh mushroom (for some vege) and bacon or ham (for meat and saltiness).

The Yummylicious ScallopHome cooked is still the best.