In this all-year-summer country, a cooling bowl of jelly is always welcomed throughout the day. And the best part? When the jelly can be homemade at ease and good for health (as claimed), there’s no reason not to buy and make this.
Coral Seaweed Jelly (packet)

Mr Boyfriend and I came across a booth at JEM weeks ago and they was promoting this ‘bird nest’ from the sea which is rich in collagen, iron and calcium. It costed $16 for the big packet of 600g which consist of 4 blocks. Though vacuum packed, the scent of sweetness is still pretty significant, so I keep them in an additional zip lock (kiasu).  Coral Seaweed Jelly

There’s 2 recommended way of serving – as a drink or a dessert.

a) Melt 1 block in 1500ml of hot water as a drink (singapore is already so hot, so i never try this till date)

b) Melt 1 block in 1500ml (i use 1000ml to 1100ml for a more ‘solid’ jelly) in hot water, cool to room temperature and chilled in the fridge. You will notice that after a few hours of cooling at room temperature, it will turn to jelly form already – the sales said this is because of the collagen in it.
Coral Seaweed JellyBut of course, this is not the only favor. There’s a range of favors, like winter melon, chrysanthemum, osmanthus and even pineapple! So far I had only try the red dates with longan and it’s a hit with the parents.

Texture-wise, imagine ice jelly. Taste-wise, it’s pretty flavorful for something that came straight out from the packet.

I would definitely recommend trying this. Personally I had stock-up for it and making it once a week. The health claims is a plus to this refreshing dessert.

So, why not?