Who don’t love ramen? Mr Boyfriend and I are ramen lover. Him especially. And we truly appreciate ramen in the form of instant noodles. Imagine, your favorite food at the comfort of your home and at any time of the day! p.s. the first time we had this was 12am and cooked using microwave. What’s the latest instant ramen in town?
Nissin Kyushu Black

A proud product of Singapore! Nissin’s Kyushu Black Japanese Ramen. There’s another version, Tokyo Shoyu. But Mr Boyfriend was in favor to try this black one which we suspect is something similar to black garlic oil though not mentioned.

Nissin Kyushu Black (cooking)The recommended method of cooking is to cook the noodles first and just place the seasoning powder and oil in the bowl. But I prefer this way of cooking. Seasoning and noodles together.

Nissin Kyushu Black (noodle)In no time, we have a large bowl of japanese ramen! I love both the noodles and the soup. Noodle-wise, the chewiness and thickness is similar to that that we will have at ramen store and similar to those instant ramen bought from Japan. Soup-based is a thick favored soup based. And there’s also sesame seeds in the seasoning which added fragrance to it. Nothing not to love about this.

Overall? A must try if you like ramen. Definitely something comfy to have on cold nights. Add in any additional ingredients you like, seaweed or vege. Customize your ramen! At a fraction of a price at restaurant. I would love the try the shoyu version soon.

p.s. if you are lazy to cook over the stove, try the microwave, it’s as good.