2 years ago, Mr Boyfriend and I went to MBS Sky Park as part of our anniversary celebration. 2 years later, Mr Boyfriend actually brought me to dine ON TOP of the sky park! It was a dinner that I hold very close to my heart and the food are too good not to be share and recommend. And of course, the view that you get while dining is also breathtaking.
Ku De Ta

Reservation was made at 6pm for our dinner. And it’s a good timing as we manage to catch the sunset towards the end of our dinner. And another thing to note is, the place is not well lit after sunset.

I wish they put more effort in ‘preserving’ the restaurant pass. To upkeep the image of the whole package.

There was some worry when I learnt that we are dining at KU DÉ TA because we had never been to such an atas restaurant and there’s no picture in the menu! We have no idea what to expect but the service staffs there were really friendly and made us feel very relax and comfortable.

We ordered 2 appetizers, 2 mains and 1 dessert. The concept at KU DÉ TA is casual fine dining and it adapted the eastern style of sharing food. A pretty nice touch.

Hamachi Sashimi

Hamachi Sashimi. We super love the presentation! The hamachi was served with young ginger. Something different and refreshing. It was a very good start to the meal. But after serving of other dishes, this kinda lose some of its shines.

Crispy Squid

Crispy-sticky Baby Squid. But I prefer to call it the crispy squid. This is served with black pepper and a light touch of lime sauce. This is so worth it’s price! Each and single piece is crispy on the outside, soft in the inside. Some bites give you the slight spiciness from the black pepper, some bites give you the refreshing lime taste. How not to love this? I totally thoroughly enjoyed this dish.
Roasted Black Cod

Roasted Black Cod. A very simple dish but so well prepared, that I find the price tag very worthy. The black cod is so fresh, the meat is so firm yet tender that we easily finish this dish with just a pair of chopsticks. Each segment of the fish meat can be picked up easily. The seasoning did not kill the fish either. And not to forget, we both love the fish fats and skin. Forget about the mushroom and pepper by the side. They are a disappointment being placed by the side of the fish.

150 Day Grain Fed Beef Tenderloin

150 Day Grain Fed Beef Tenderloin. They were very thoughtful to had sliced the tenderloin into bite size. You can never go wrong with a good beef. And this is a baby cow! Just 150days old. The tenderloin was paired with some chilli sauce, so it’s kinda west meet east dish. First you taste the chilli sauce, then when you just able to get a bit disappointed of not tasting the beef, the taste of the beef will crawl back up to your mouth from your throat. Its truly amazing.Apple & Honey

Apply & Honey. I would normally go for the chocolate cake/ lava cake. But since we are out to try something new, we ordered this. It sounds simple but it’s a refreshing dessert to end the tasteful dinner with a view at Level 57. It’s a mix of sourness, sweetness, cold and warm, all in one bowl. And like the question that Mr Boyfriend asked with it, I guess this bowl also represented ‘life’. There’s a lot of opposites in it, but knowing how to balance them will give you something amazing.
Food with a viewAnd the damage for dining with the above? Nearly $200 for the two of us.

The online menu stated that a minimum spending of $80++ for each pax is required, but I didn’t remember seeing this at the menu at KU DÉ TA itself, so I’m no sure whether it still applies.

Was the meal worth it? Yes. It was worth every single cent. Both Mr Boyfriend and I enjoyed every single bite and was so full by the end of the meal. And the delicious meal came with an amazing view from the top of Singapore and a sunset. Another plus was the service we received.

It was truly an amazing night and experience. Thank you Mr Boyfriend. For I would have never thought we will ever dine there.