The lobster porridge I had at this ulu place had always been on my mind since the first time I had it for supper years ago. Yes, it was a very sinful supper but the food is just too tasty to care about calories at that time.

OLS (Sembawang)

Made a return trip years later and bought the parents along. I was crossing my fingers that the food is still as good as I remember them. Not a economic meal but it’s definitely worth the price tag and a luxury to have once awhile.

I ordered the Saver’s Menu ($168 net) which is catered for 4 pax but the lobster porridge that came with it can easily feed 5 pax. OLS - Live LobsterOLS - Lobster Porridge

This is definitely what they are known for – Live Lobster Porridge. Can consider this as teochew style porridge – lots of soup + rice. And why I (and now – we), love this is because of this soup/ stock that comes with it. It’s super light, tasty and sweet! Full of the goodness of the lots of lobster that came with the pot.

The rice of the porridge is also cooked to the texture we like. Lobster is also just cooked, hence, highlighting the sweetness of the seafood and the texture is sooo Q. Love it to bits.
OLS - Chilli Mussels

Chilli Mussels. We all wish they went lighter on the chilli. The mussels are very fresh and juicy, ‘fat’ even. But the chilli taste was too overwhelming and cover the goodness of this live seafood. But my dad who’s a chilli lover, enjoyed this dish. I guess it’s why you can never go wrong with fresh ingredients.
OLS - Steven Chicken

Steven Chicken. Since this carries the name of the chef of the restaurant, this is also the ‘chef recommended dish’. Is this good? Of course! There’s a mixture of mid-wings and drumlets, which the meat are being ‘pushed’ to one end of the bone and deep-fried and stir with a special sauce. No oily feel and crispy till end of meal. What else to ask for?

OLS - Mixed Vege

A normal looking plate of Stir-Fry Mixed Vegetables, but it had been handled with care! Lots of garlic had been used but not overwhelming. And the gravy is also super tasty and goes well with all the vege. Wish there’s more of this.
OLS - Steam Live FishStrictly speaking, nothing can go wrong with this steam fish because the fish is caught from the tank only after we ordered! The original fish in the set meal was Patin Fish (i have no idea what fish is this), and we ‘upgraded’ to a ‘red-spot’ fish. The upgrade cost a top-up of $20 plus. The meat is tender and not over-steam. Any fish lover will appreciate this.

We really enjoyed the meal and finished everything that was served. Extra rice was ordered to go with the sauce of the steam fish. Grandma was with us and enjoyed the lobster porridge too. So definitely a place good for family meal.

But note that the outdoor seating can get warm in the afternoon and a few houseflies might pay you a visit. Not to worry, they do have air-conditioned seating too.

Orchid Live Seafood (Sembawang)
1 Bah Soon Pah Rd, Singapore 769959
Tel: 67560311