I took a long break from all the CNY baking. And after a recent type to Hong Kong where I bought a few types of dried flowers (i love love flower teas), I was inspired to bake something with the flowers I bought. The easiest to work with, I guess would be lavender. And it had been ages since I had any homemade scones, I added some lavender to the recipe, and we got this.

Lavender Sugar

Adapted this method of rubbing dried lavenders into the sugar to infuse in the fragrance of lavender.

Lota heart

Recipe (adapted from Wool, Whisk, Words)

8 oz self raising flour (i used plain flour + baking powder)
2 oz butter (i used cold and slightly hard ones)
2 oz sugar (rub in with 1tsp lavender flower, if using lavender)
2 oz raisin
1 egg
4 tbsp milk
pinch of salt

1. Preheat oven 200degree C
2. Rub flour, salt, butter together
3. Add sugar and raisin and mix till combined
4. Beat egg and millk together and add into the flour mixture to form dough
5. Roll out to 1.5cm or 2cm thick and cut using desired mould
6. Milk wash/ sprinkler some lavender if desired

Bake 200degree C, 12mins, till brownish at top (i baked slightly more than 15mins)

Note: i read somewhere that to keep the scone top from drying out, can milk wash the top before baking
Lavender Raisin Scone (milk washed)

I enjoyed making this little hearts because there’s no need for the mixer machine! Quite an easy dough to handle and a breeze to make.

Lavender Raisin SconeWhen the scone is ready, it emits a very nice scent of lavender from the oven. Such calming effect. I fell in love with the lavender scent over and over again. The raisin gave the scone an additional texture and sweetness. There’s no need for jam nor butter for this.

My mum was requesting for more after having one. And my 2yo nephew had two! Me myself had two at a go too. This is how good this scone is. Slightly crunchy on the outside and moist in the inside. How not to love?
Lavender Raisin Scone
Will I bake this again? Definitely! Good for breakfast, good for tea!

Maybe jasmine next time? Additional of cheese? A very versatile recipe.