CNY is definitely around the corner when I bake this almond cookie.  Ever since the first time we tried this recipe, every year, trays and trays of almond cookies will be going in and coming out from the oven. There’s even a year that I bake nothing but only this.

Almond Cookie

Recipe (given by mum’s friend)

160g ground almond powder
600g plain flour (sieve)
200g icing sugar (sieve)
380g vegetable oil (i use slightly less than this)

1 egg for egg wash


1. Mix everything together to form dough (yes, it’s that easy!!)
2. Preheat oven 180degree C, 15 to 20min
3. Egg wash the almond balls before baking

Note: i normally add half of the oil and stir before using the mixer and add the remaining oil slowly. once the dough is form, i stop adding.

The only tedious part about this is forming each individual balls by hand. But this is really a pleasure to have. You can’t stop pop-ing them into your mouth. The texture is in between melt-in-you-mouth and crunchy. And that fragrance of almond. Nice! Mr Boyfriend’s favorite, so this is definitely worth trying.

Beside Pineapple Tart, this is another must-have for my CNY.

I am submitting this post to Chinese New Year Delights 2013 hosted by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover.