During my poly days, I had the chance to have a short stay at Aussie. And one of the thing that I miss most is the Lamington Cake. It was during one of the day trip that the tour guide + bus driver offered us a piece of the Lamington Cake that I fell in love with it. Subsequently during the trip I did try the cake from another place but it just wasn’t the same.

6 years after the trip, I found the recipe for this ‘taste of aussie’ from my mum’s pile of 1980s recipe and I tried my hands on it.
The Naked Lamington Cake

Basically it’s a slightly denser cake coated with a layer of chocolate and dusted with dessicated coconut. Initially Lamington Cake is plain, without any jam. But as the one I had was with a layer of jam, I did that. Halved the cake and spread a layer of jam in between. And this is my Naked Lamington Cake. It’s already very tasty. A tad sweeter than normal cake but not overly. Tough dense, it is still moist.

Lamington Cake Duo

The Duo Lamington Cake. Which would you choose? I’m fine with both. But seriously, the naked one is good enough. But the coating of chocolate and dessicated coconut added an additional layer of taste and texture to the cake. Lamington Cake

Would you care to have a bite?

I found my taste of Aussie. What’s yours?