Ever since the opening of JCube, I had always been tempted by the interior design and the cakes on display at Pique Nique. They are simply too attractive. It’s like that prefect place to have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a slice of cake and chit chat on a lazy afternoon. But sadly, it’s only recently that I got the chance to try their cakes. But on the bright side, it was on a lazy afternoon.

You can’t miss this place, it’s on the first level and near one of the side entrance.

The rows and rows of colorful cakes.

There’s two section of it. Super attractive.

Nothing can beat having a dessert set on a lazy afternoon. But we were quite disappointed by the description. The management should have describe it as ‘your choice of a slice of cake with coffee or tea’ instead of dessert of your choice. Dessert does not necessary refers only to the cakes on display as they do have a dessert menu.

Nonetheless, we ordered two slices of cake to share between the three of us.

Yes, the coffee that come with the set, is pretty small in size. Though fragrant, but they could have include in a bigger cup of drink. It was barely enough to go with the cake.

Blackout Chocolate Cake. This is quite a disappointment. It’s a very sweet chocolate fudge cake. Nothing ‘black’ about it besides the dark brown color. Nothing ‘wow’ about it. I can safely say the Deep Chocolate Pound Cake I baked previously has a more intense chocolate taste.

The second set we ordered American Cheesecake with a pot of Breakfast Tea. If you are a tea person, I suggest you go for the Breakfast Tea set as it comes in a pot, hence, more worthy and sufficient to chit chat and finish off with the cake.

American Cheesecake. Comparing to the chocolate one, this is relatively good. But nothing ‘wow’ either. We like the taste of the cheese, which is more intense, but nothing not acceptable for cheesecake lover. Texture was normal. The only downside was the base. It was literally separated from the cheesecake portion and doesn’t go well with it. Inside of being of cheesecake base, it was more like a cookie base, too hard.

Comparing both cakes, the cheesecake wins hands down. But if you ask me will I try their cakes again, I will say no. There’s better cakes out there to waste our calories on.

Pique Nique does have a main course menu too. So maybe that is worth a try. But being a cafe, with a very pretty interior and attractive display of cakes, I really wish their cakes are as tasty as they look. Kinda disappointing and was left feeling unsatisfied.

Pique Nique
2 Jurong East Central 1, JCube #01-08
Singapore 609731
Tel: 6684 5761