It’s a pretty quiet and lonely weekend for me as both my parents and Mr Boyfriend are out of Singapore. And it also means, one of my biggest supporters to finish my bakes so I got to bake something lasting today, e.g. cookie.

I surfed through several blogs and there’s lots of positive comments about this melt-in-mouth cookie. So decided to give it a try. And the best thing? The ingredients are really simple! Just butter, icing sugar, potato starch and flour. There’s nothing not to love about this recipe. Plus can decide to add this to CNY cookie bakes or not.

Similar to SSB, I used Windmill Potato Starch.

What you need (seen at Small Small Baker)
makes ard 60 to 70

125g butter
40g icing sugar (sieved)
125g potato starch
80g superfine flour (I used Plain Flour)


1. Beat butter with icing sugar till fluffy and light
2. Sieve potato starch and flour together and add to butter mixture (i add in 3 portion). Beat till well mix and become a dough
3. Roll into balls, est 2cm big
4. Press down with fork (dip fork into water before each press)
5. Bake in preheat oven 170degree C, 15min (need not bake till turn brown)

Simple right?

At first the dough seems too soft to be handled, but after the first ball, it’s pretty simple. And in no time, I finished baking 2 trays worth of cookie. Thus far, the simplest cookie I encounter. Plus, as it’s named, it’s seriously melt in your mouth! No need to bite, just ‘press’ with your tongue.

Being such a soft cookie, it does hold its shape pretty well when I place them into the container. Just don’t press too hard, the pattern will stay. Seriously considering this for CNY bake. But likely to use a better butter for a more buttery taste.

Simple is good