I had recently gotten 4 small loaf pan from Diaso and couldn’t wait to test them out. Though with a slight flu, I couldn’t resist going on a date with Mr Oven. He never fails to make me feel better.


This recipe is really simple. I doubled the recipe from my Coconut Raisin Cupcake, and in no time, I have 4 small loaf pan in the oven. And 30mins later, I have 4 loafs of amazing tasting cake. During the middle of the bake, I remove the pans from the oven and attempt to ‘cut’ a line in the middle to have that loaf-cake-looking-line. But somehow, my line wasn’t very distinct looking. Nonetheless, it helps with the cutting after that.


This is simply delicious! I love the texture of the desiccated coconut and the mix of sweetness and sourness from the raisin. And not to forget the softness of the buttery cake. They are really a pair of prefect couple in this butter cake marriage. I couldn’t stop popping the cubes of cake into my mouth. And surprisingly, the pan is really a breeze to use. The cake can be easily remove after baking for cooling. Really a good buy. (p.s. i greased the pan and laid with grease-proof paper for easy removal of the cake)

would you like to have a bite?