Over the past weekend, my team at work had a 2D1N retreat at SAF Yacht Club (Changi). It was our first retreat and spending more than 24hrs straight together. It was fun! And I have my first overnight MJ. A true Chinese now (most of the Chinese friends I know play MJ).I kept telling myself that I must remember to take a photo of the main door of the restaurant but I forgotten still. O well. Anyway, there’s only one restaurant at SAF Yacht Club (Changi). Otherwise, you can always liaise with the clubhouse for BBQ. If both are out for you, please get your own food. There’s no food available any where near the place.

We (12 adults, 4 kids) are all very full from our ‘buffet lunch’ where we ordered and brought food in, there’s roast pig, roast chicken, roast duck and fried noodles and bee hoon. So instead of ordering seafood and meat dishes, we went for something light.

Fish Maw Thick Soup. Small, $8. This is suppose to serve only 4 pax, but two serving of these can’t be finish by all of us. Nonetheless, I assure you this is very tasty. The taste of the soup is exactly that of shark’s fin soup of a very good hotel/ restaurant. Been ages since I had such a flavorful bowl of thick soup. I’m guessing it’s due to the crab meat in it. The fish maw had been prepared nicely without the oil taste. I only wish I can stomach more of this. Kung Bo Boneless Chicken. Small, $12. Not well received. There’s not much taste to this but pure spiciness. Can skip this.

Chinese Spinach with 3 types of eggs (三色蛋). Snall, $12. Seeing this, I’m reminded of a similar dish I had at Tung Lok, so you can imagine, it’s hard to beat that standard. However, this is pretty good too. Good to have with kids as there’s lots of gravy. But I wish they are more refine with their preparation, the eggs can be cut into smaller pieces of these big chunks of century eggs and a messy salted egg.

Salted Egg String Beans. Small, $10. We all love this! Each string beans are coated with a crispy layer of salted egg yolk and egg mixture. Imagine Deep-fried Butter Prawns with salted egg yolks in the butter mixture. It is something similar to that. A tad oily though. But generally, a very well-like vegetable dish. Both kids and adults will love this. Fu Rong Omelette. Small, $8. Very normal omelette. Nothing special and nothing bad to say about this. The only downside is that Mr Boyfriend found egg shell bits in his serving.

Generally, after a very meaty meal in the afternoon, I welcome all the vegetables in this dinner. Scanning through the menu, they do have a very comprehensive menu from Asia to Western to Seafood. I would love to try their seafood menu but sadly we are all too full to do that. Price wise, it is still pretty reasonable. But I doubt anyone will specially make a trip down to the clubhouse for dinner, but it’s really a place to go to feel you are away from the busy city and have a view for dinner (dinning by the sea).

Would I want to dine there again? Yes. I will if I ever get a chance to go there again.

Ocean Spoon
110 Tanah Merah Coast Road
SAF Yacht Club S(498800)
Tel: 6389 3783