Tortilla Chips had always been my favorite ever since my first tray of nachos at GV. But sadly, this heavenly delicious snacks is only available at cinema. I can’t seem to find the cheese sauce any where. So please pardon the photo quality, I was too excited with what I found at 7-11 and didn’t bother to use a proper camera or a proper background.

I found a pack of On The Go pack of tortilla chips with cheese sauce packed by California Creamery Nacho Cheese Sauce! But it doesn’t come cheap (edited: but pretty reasonable as it’s hard to come by), the pack consist of 2 small box of nacho cheese sauce and a small pack of chips, cost $4.50 at 7-11. It seems like a new item as there’s no price tag, but I just love it too much to bother asking how much it cost first.

I’m not sure whether all the 7-11 sell this, I found mine at a neighborhood 7-11 at Jurong East. And it makes a heart-melting supper snacks for me.

Previously I did see this individual packed nacho cheese sauce selling in a pack of 4s at supermarket, but it wasn’t there again when I went back. So either the stock brought in is in small amount or it really sells so fast! If memory did not fail, it’s $4plus for a pack at supermarket. And the best way to have the cheese sauce is warm it up in the microwave, I did mine for 50s, stirring every 10s. Taste-wise, it seems to have a hint of heat/ spiciness in them, and I love that its not overly salty.

I couldn’t stop pop-ing the nachos into my mouth while watching drama. A very fattening snacks to have in the middle of the night, but it’s not always you can have such a snacks at the comfort of your home (in my case, bed). It’s too yummy to think about the fats gained.

All nachos-lovers should try this. Or at least buy the individually-packed nacho cheese sauce and a separate big pack of tortilla chips to go with it, or serve it over a plate of fries and you get cheese fries! You won’t regret this, I promise.