I actually thought of writing this short write-up after I need my 100th post. But today, I just suddenly felt for this little space of mine, and the hobby and favourite past-time of mine.

This space was initially started to share with any interested reader the review of the convenient food that we can find in supermarket (e.g. processed frozen food, instant noodles etc) as I basically live on them if I don’t wish to have outside food. Though almost as unhealthy as they are ‘processed’ but I can threw in other stuffs to ‘balance’ it out and not all processed food are unhealthy nowadays, for instance, there’s the chinese dumplings and frozen vegetables and fruits. Since I buy them so often, might as well share my views.

But after starting this space, my heart and mind slowly went back to baking and cooking. This two are still my love in life. Though there’s little possibility that this space will become popular due to my bakes and cooks as there’s much more established spaces out there, I just wish to note down and share my little journey of discovery with anyone that interested.

To me, both baking and cooking is not just simply ensuring the ingredients are edible and accepted by majority. Of course the main objective is ensure the end product is tasty to prevent any wastage, but to me, the process of baking and cooking taught me lots. Little lessons that can be apply to our daily life too.

For instance, before we start baking or cooking a new recipe, we would not have a single idea how the end product will be, as there’s multiple steps to get a satisfied result. But, we just have to try, don’t we? Otherwise we will never even know whether we can succeed or not. But before even starting the preparation stage, we got to find that little (or at times HUGE) courage within ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and try new and more complicated recipe. The result might not be satisfying or exceed your expectation!

Just like Life. If we never try, we will never know what will be the outcome. But unlike baking and cooking, the price to pay for in life, should there be any mistake or failure, will generally cost you more than a failure in baking or cooking (think throwing away of awful tasting food or wastage of ingredients VS a scolding from clients and bosses and OTs). Of course it’s heartbreaking to fail a bake or cook, but the lesson learnt is great – there’s always room for improvement. As similar with Life.

So in many ways, Baking and Cooking had enriched my life and taught me much more than creating tasty snacks and food for my family and friends. It heal my tired soul and mind and enable me to share the joy of the successful end products with people around me.

Baking and Cooking is definitely a huge part of what makes up this little girl who is typing this. Definitely not just a simple past-time, it’s much more than that.

And I’m truly thankful to those who visited this little space and hope everyone who visited find the posts useful in a way or the other. I definitely wish to hear any comments from you, who are visiting this little space.