Like all my first bakes of something new, my heart will always be uneasy from the point I start preparing the batter to putting it into the oven to removing the product from the oven and finally, tasting it. Similarly for this bake. My heart had been unease for quite a good part of the day. Mr Boyfriend said – fail then fail ba.

I didn’t know whether I did the egg white correctly or not – soft peak. I only tried stiff peak before! So I can only cross my fingers and toes. And guess what? It wasn’t too wrong!! It raised perfectly and didn’t collapse either. The only thing was…

It cracked! I read through some blogs and there’s two possibilities – egg whites and temperature. But it didn’t collapse after removing from the oven, so I think it’s more likely to be the temperature was too high in the oven, hence causing the cake to raise too much and eventually cracked.

love the height

What you need (as seen at The Little Teochew)

250g cream cheese
50g butter
100ml milk

60g cake flour (sieve)
20g corn flour (sieve)
1/4 tsp salt (i omit)
6 egg yolks

6 egg whites
1/4 tsp cream of tar tar
140g sugar

1. Prepare a 8” round pan (either removable base or springform), greased and line with baking paper (see Cook UK). Wrap base with aluminum foil to prevent seepage (i wrapped just in case and it did not seep!)
2. Preheat oven at 160degree C with 4 muffin mould filled with water at the four corners (i’m thankful for this method instead of water bath as i didn’t have suitable pans)
3. Using double-boil method, melt (A)
4. After (A) cooled, fold in (B) and mix well (sieve mixture if desired for a finer texture)
5. Whisk egg whites with cream of tar tar till foamy and add in sugar. Whisk till soft peaks form
6. Fold in egg whites into cream cheese mixture in 3 portions and mix well
7. Transfer to pan and bake for 1hr 10min
8. Leave to cool in oven with door ajar for 30mins or more to prevent sudden change in temperature (might cause the cake to collapse)
9. Serve warm or chill (i prefer warm, it’s softer and more cotton-like)

This might not be the best looking Japanese Baked Cheesecake, but, to me it already is! Though there’s still big air pockets/ holes, it’s alright! I’m satisfied as a first try already. Despite the cracks during baking, it did not affect the texture. It is indeed cotton soft! So soft that I was shocked. So soft that I wish they are in small cubes so I can keep pop-ing them into my mouth. Close enough to store-bought and even better, because there’s taste of ‘home’ and my sweat.

Why is this cake pretty costly? Because it’s kinda tedious melting the cream cheese. And it’s pretty temperamental.

Will I make this again? Yes! But I really hope I can manage the temperature better to prevent the crack next time. The melt-in-your-mouth texture is definitely worth getting ‘fatter’ for. I couldn’t stop eating.

want a bite?

You don’t try, you will never know
As it is in Life, it is in Baking