I seriously have a love and hate relationship with these puffs. I love eating them, but only those that my mum used to make. Having tried tons of custard puff from different bakeries after my mum stopped baking, none met the taste yet. Similar yes. But nothing compare to my mum’s recipe. I had a very terrible setback months ago but I failed in baking these puffs. The custard is almost perfect, but the puffs are horrible. Somehow, finally, I decided to try this recipe again. Not giving up for that childhood taste. Failed the first batch again today, but finally succeeded on second try! Finally!! (i’m really sorry for wasting 6 eggs)

What you need (modified from Durian Puff recipe from a baking class in 1982)

For the puff
1/2 tsp salt
11oz water
5oz butter
7oz flour
1/2 tsp baking powder (i used double acting)
6 egg yolk
4 egg white

Method for the puff
1. Using slow fire, cook (A) till butter melt and boil
2. Lift away from fire and add (B) immediately and mix till dough like
3. Continue cooking on low fire till a thin layer of the dough is ‘stuck’ to the pan
4. Remove from heat and cool down using a electric mixer. Beat on high for 2 to 5 mins
5. Whisk (C) slightly and add into the dough mixer slowly. Wait till the egg is well corporate before continue adding
6. Final dough should be sticky and moves cleanly away from the mixer dough while mixing
7. Pipe as desired and bake in pre-heated oven, 450F for 20 to 30mins

For the custard
5 1/2 oz sugar
8oz water
2oz custard powder
2oz corn flour
20oz evaporated milk
3 egg yolk
1/2 tsp salt
63g butter

Method for custard filling
1. Mix half of evaporated milk with all of custard powder and corn flour. Set aside
2. Cook sugar, remaining half of evaporated milk, water, salt, egg yolk, slightly
3. Remove from heat and add (1)
4. Bring back to heat and boil till thicken
5. Careful to control the heat to prevent burnt base (will affect the taste)
6. Remove from heat and cool down immediately with ice water bath, add melt butter and stir well
7. Cool in fridge till ready to fill puff

Am I satisfied? YES! Like finally.

But it is sure a tedious job to bake these. Cakes are much easier! But I simply love the custard puff from my childhood to totally forever not make this ever again. The puff is so airy in the center with a puff skin of prefect thickness. Custard is good, thick in texture and taste but lack the corn bits. Maybe I’m basis, but I still prefer these than store-bought. Will I ever try another recipe? Maybe never. Taste from childhood memories are really hard to forget.

Part and parcel of my childhood