This is the third Sunday in a row that I bake tarts. Nothing complicated, just a few more steps comparing to baking cupcakes/ cake. And I found myself really enjoying shaping the tart tin with the dough.

The original recipe is actually meant for Blueberry Cheese Tart, but I don’t have the blueberry filling nor blueberry jam on hand so I substitute it with strawberry jam and Nutella (who will say no to nutella?). This is actually the second recipe I find as there’s minimum leftover, only one egg white. I hearts recipe with minimum leftover.
Why I decided to make these was also because there’s leftover whipping cream from the Marble Cheesecake.

somehow this look like a panda

What you need (seen at Yummy Little Cooks)

For the crust
250g flour
150g butter
2tbsp sugar
1 egg yolk
40g cold water (i used around 30g as the dough got too sticky)

Method for the crust
1. Mix sifted flour with sugar
2. Add butter and mix till crumbly
3. Add egg yolk and mix again
4. Add cold water and mix to form dough
5. Shape dough into a ball and press flat
6. Wrap with cling film and rest in the fridge for 30mins

For the cheese filling
250g cream cheese
50g sugar
25g butter
1 egg
25g whipping cream
20g flour

Some filling/ jam of your choice

Method for the cheese filling
1. Cream (A) till light and smooth
2. Add in (B) and cream till well blended
3. Add in (C) and mix till well combined
4. Add in (D) and mix till well incorporated. Set aside.

To assemble
1. Press crust dough into tart tin and prick some hole onto the base. Bake in preheated oven at 180degree C for 12 to 15min, or until lightly golden brown. Leave to cool
2. Put some filling into baked pastry shells
3. Top with cheese filling
4. Place some filling on top and swirl into marble effect or make any pattern that you like
5. Return to bake at 200degree C for 10 to 15min.

What can I say? These tarts looks so pretty! About the Strawberry Cheese Tart first, the jam was on the sweet side, not the brand I normally get but it’s what in the fridge. The sweetness covered the taste of the cheese, but easily solve by using another brand of jam. No worries.Nutella Cheese Tart. It was not because of Nutella that I prefer this, but it was because it doesn’t overpower the taste of the cheese filling. I still can taste that slight sourness from the cheese.

I think I prefer this dough and crust as compared to the Coconut Tart. It’s easier to handle and easier for measurement. Win-win situation. Filling wise, the spongy cheese filling is a winner. Not overpowering in taste of cheese so majority will be able to accept this cheese filling tart.

Little enjoyment in life