It’s the end of September again. Which means, Mr Boyfriend is aging! Last year, I did a Tiramisu for his special day. This year, I felt bad about not able to celebrate his special day specially, I asked Mr Boyfriend what cake he wants this year. Oreo cheesecake was his first choice, but it wasn’t convenient for me to get the missing main ingredient – Oreo. So he chosen Marble Cheesecake.

I searched high and low and there’s no recipe for a no-bake Marble Cheesecake! O yes, I hadn’t gotten the courage to try a bake cheesecake. Much less for a special celebration, lets not risk it. I found a recipe from Anncoo Journal and modified the layering to get the marble effect. At least I managed to fulfill this little request from Mr Boyfriend.

What you need (see at Anncoo Journal)

For the base
120g biscuit crumbs (i used digestive biscuit)
30g ground hazelnut (i used ground almond)
130g melted butter

For the cheese filling
375g cream cheese (room temperature)
80g icing sugar (sifted)
2 1/2 tbsp lemon juice
Lemon zest from one lemon
1tbsp chocolate paste
15g gelatin powder + 3tbsp water (soak for a few mins and double boil to melt the gelatin powder)
400g fresh topping cream (i use whipping cream)

Method for base
1. Grease a 9” round spring-form cake tin (i used a 8” square tin)
2. Mix biscuit crumbs and ground hazelnut together, add in melted butter
3. Use hand to mix biscuit crumbs mixture and form it to a dough
4. Press mixtures at the base of the cake tin
5. Put cake tin in the fridge for later use

Method for cheese filling
1. Whip cream till peak form (not too stiff) and put in fridge for later use
2. Prepare gelatin and cool
3. Beat cream cheese, lemon zest and icing sugar till thick and smooth
4. Slowly add liquid gelatin to cream cheese, follow by lemon juice, mix well
5. Use hand whisk to mix in whipped cream, mix well
6. Mix 40% of the cheese mixture with chocolate paste
7. Pour some plain cream cheese into the prepared cake tin, followed by chocolate cream cheese, and alternate till finished
8. Use a toothpick to swirl the mixture for marble effect
9. Smooth the surface and chill for at least 4hours
10. Decorate as desire or eat plain

Like most no-bake cheesecake, it’s almost fail-proof. Texture is creamy and taste is rich in cheese. Can’t really taste the chocolate though. It’s one that Mr Boyfriend enjoys so I have no complaint. If you like more solid texture, can try placing the cheesecake in the freezer for an hour or so. Kinda like ice cream cake texture.

It is likely the most plain looking birthday cake on earth, but it was filled with lots of love. Nothing can beat that.

The least I can do for the special someone