I was cheated into drinking this – Coca-Cola Cherry.

Mr Boyfriend bought it for me but I never thought of drinking it any time soon as it’s rather expensive. So one fine day, he went to open it without me knowing. And I didn’t suspect anything when he brought the cup to me as the color is the same as the normal coke we get locally.

That explained the amount of drink left for photo taking.

But I must say the taste is really interesting. It’s like mixing cherry syrup into normal coke. Not very hard to describe as the taste is rather distinct.

Cost-wise, it is slightly more expensive than Coca-Cola Ambasa which Mr Boyfriend got both at the same Korean Supermarket in town. This is definitely a very interesting drink from Coca-Cola.

Seriously, why doesn’t Singapore sells such drinks and we have to get it as an imported product which cost much more…