My love for ramen started in Japan. It was a holiday trip 8 years ago that I first had my Japan ramen. It was just a very simple ramen and I was hooked to the soup base and the noodles. Ever since, I had tried a few ramen shops in Singapore and MoF (Ministry of Food) ramen was one of the favorites considering the price. But now, there’s a new favorite!

Men-Ichi Japanese Ramen! My new found love. The Jurong Point outlet had been there for years but I never have the intention to try as the outlet is nearly empty every time I walked passed. One of my friend tried and highly recommended it. And ever since, I went twice in a week.

They have the usual condiments on the table for ramen – roasted garlic, chilli powder, chilli oil, pepper. Some ramen shops have this but personally, I feels Men-Ichi wins hands down! Pickled vegetables.

I know it looks very normal. But the taste is really good! The first time I visit, I only came to love this at the end of the meal, when the soup taste became a bit bland, I got hooked to this. But it was too late. So during the second visit, I dedicated a worthy part of my time to this… The taste is like sushi rice, but stronger and a tad spicy. Crunchy too!

Gyoza (6 pcs). Again, this look very normal but taste good! The skin is very thin and fulled with meat filling that are juicy. With or without the vinegar, this is good. Would recommend to order to go with the ramen if you need something extra.

Karami Shoyu Ramen (2 pcs char siew). This is the spicy version of Wafu Shoyu soup base and it comes with bamboo shoot, half egg, char siew (you would have a choice of 2 or 5 pcs), bean sprout and a seaweed . Wafu soup base is made from chicken, vegetables, bonito, mackerel and kelp. We ordered this as my father wanted a spicy ramen, but this is not spicy enough for him. Nonetheless, he finished everything. I tried the soup and it’s alright.

Wafu Shoyu Ramen (2 pcs char siew). During my first visit I tried the Shio version and comparing both, I preferred the Shio version better. It was able to bring out the sweetness of the soup base better as compared to the Shoyu version. My mum dislike thick soup base like Tonkotsu so I recommended Wafu soup base to her and she finished everything! That showed that the soup base is light enough. Nonetheless, I would still recommend to try the Shio version instead.

Buta Kakuni Ramen. This is the Japanese braised pork belly ramen (3 slices). I was enjoying every spoonful of my noodles that I didn’t realize I finished everything! I love the noodles, the soup and everything else. Thickness of the noodles was just right and is very ‘tender’ aka QQ. Very bouncy. And in the bowl, there’s lots of bean sprout and black fungus, add a bit to every spoonful of noodles and you have both the QQ and crunchy texture. Super LOVE! Bean sprout are cooked just nice too, crunchy but without the raw taste. Soup base is on the strong side as mine is Tonkotsu soup base with shoyu.


The melt in the mouth fats which are so sweet and non-oily that it’s like jelly! Collagen!! Even for one that dislike fats, I finish every thing from that three slices of value-worthy braised pork belly. And don’t think they will slice the pork belly very thinly. There’s a thickness to it and hence, very filling and satisfying for each bite. Very worthy.


And to show how good it is, I finished everything! Only left with a little soup which I was too full to finish. p.s. I love their bowls.

And how much we love the pickled vege? 3 of us finish one whole container of it.

Total damage for the above is $48.85.

I really love this ramen shop. Big eaters will love it too, you can ask for additional serving of ramen without any additional charges. What I love is the pickled vege (FOC), the flavorful soup base and the generous amount of stuffs they place in the bowl of ramen (all the bean sprouts, black fungus and meat).

This is truly a meal worth Q-ing up for as you will be greeted by a hot bowl of wonderful stuffs at the end of it and leave with a very full and satisfied stomach.

Everyone loves a satisfied stomach