During Mr Boyfriend’s recent trip to the Korean Supermarket, he got this too! A drink from Coca Cola from South Korea.


It’s the first time we saw this and with the white color, we were thinking could be some kind of ice cream soda from Coca Cola. But we are wrong…

The drink came out in milky color! The taste was pretty unique, kinda like lemon barely but not really. Even after knowing what is in there, we can’t really match it up. It still taste closer as lemon barely to us.

And guess what’s in there? Skim milk powder! That explain the milky color. But I never though that there will be such a ‘healthy’ ingredient in a soft drink. Seriously. And I guess the citric acid gave the lemon taste.

Searched online and Wikipedia shown that Ambasa is a milk-based soft drink from Coca-Cola in Japan in 1982 and brought to South Korea in 1984. Why not in Singapore!!!

Very interesting drink. If sold cheaper, I would really like to have this again. It’s sold for $1.60 or something for this 250ml can.

Exploring is always interesting