Because Mr Boyfriend was worried I will starve during my long stay at home, one night he turned up and stock up my food supply – frozen stuffs and some biscuits. And I suddenly have 6 Korean Honey Pancakes!

Mr Boyfriend got this from a Korean Supermarket and we had also saw this briefly at NTUC. But it cost more at NTUC. The power of direct import?

Each pack came with 6 Honey Pancakes, I guessed that’s why it’s Family Pack. And it’s really easy to heat up! I normally heat it up for 10mins or less in a toaster oven. It’s quick and fuss free.Though ‘pancake’, it’s more like a bread to me. What I like about it is that your hand won’t be oily from holding it and the honey is not overly sweet like those store bought and every mouth of pancake will be accompanied with some honey. I dislike those bread that doesn’t have the filling all round. So this is just nice for me, size-wise and taste-wise. Plus it’s pretty easy to heat it up. This is what I like about convenient food. Not a must try, but definitely worth getting for a quick breakfast or tea.