Something new in the market of instant noodles and it came as a shocked! I actually LOVE this. Why a shock? Because I never like Tom Yam. To me the spiciness and sourness are fighting with each other instead of embracing each other in my mouth. But this is different… Nissin Fried Noodles Specialist – Tom Yam Mee Goreng

Each packet comes with the noodles, a packet of seasoning powder and their ‘special weapon’ – the tom yam paste. Cook the noodles as per normal, empty the two sachets on a plate/ bowl and mix well with the cooked noodles.

See that small packet of Tom Yam paste. It’s the soul of this instant noodles and I love a love and hate relationship with it. I get running nose and a very painful tongue whenever I eat this, but you just can’t simply stop. It’s like spicy steamboat, the more you eat, the more ‘shiok’ it gets.

Though plain looking (this was supper at 12am, so we didn’t want to add anything else), this is one of my favorites! Wanted to get another packet from NTUC previously and it was sold out! Can you believe it? Mr Boyfriend loves this too. Instead of the sourness and spiciness fighting each other, there’s a clear ‘win’ that the spiciness is stronger and it’s more defined, while the sourness is lighter but strong enough to show you it’s existence there. Looking at the photo made me wanna have it again! For someone that like instant noodles, this is a MUST try! I’m keeping a constant stock of this at home.

A war worth fighting on the tongue