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You know, I had always miss the taste of roasted salted peanuts from hotels’ buffet whenever I went oversea with my parents when I was a kid. I wasn’t an easy kid to bring oversea as the food I’m willing to eat is very limited. So there’s always a small tubberware which my parents will fill up with the salted peanuts at the hotels’ buffet breakfast area for me to munch on during the trip. Hotels were generally very big-hearted when it comes to kids. That box of salted peanuts was what I remembered most of my oversea trips, the rest of the trips were forgotten.

So I air-fried salted peanuts! I tried searching for some recipes or something online but there’s none for the type of salted peanuts I want. But luckily, mine came out just alright and very tasty. I know roasted salted peanuts can be easily bought off the shelves, but knowing you can make this and doing it gave a type of satisfactory.

What you need

100g fresh peanuts (can buy from the dry products section of supermarkets or wet markets), soaked briefly with hot water and dry overnight
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp olive oil


1. Mix the dried peanuts with the salt and olive oil
2. Place on baking paper and into air-fryer

Air-fry 140degree C for 10mins, stir, 160degree C for 5mins (you can bake this too,  but I prefer using the air-fryer as I’m making a small quantity and it takes a short time to reach the temperature as the compartment is smaller, hopefully saving some electricity)

A bowl of self-made salted peanuts easily done. I couldn’t stop helping myself with the freshly air-fried peanuts. Saltiness was just right for me and the peanuts tasted so ‘fresh’. Good to go with porridge or sprinkler some on top of fried beehoon or fried rice.

Let’s see how crunchy can these last.

A taste of my childhood