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I know I just did a Tortilla Hawaiian Pizza less than a week ago. But I simply can’t resist having this ‘cheat’ skinny pizza as a light lunch since I had breakfast. The difference is I used air-fryer instead and the result is amazing!!

I did the similar thing as previously, but I minus away the hotdogs and Kraft singles. So basically if you wanna do a Hawaiian pizza, you just need a piece of tortilla wrap, ham, pineapple, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Dried parsley flakes is optional.

Please take note to place the ‘pizza’ on a piece of baking paper before placing it on the air-fryer basket. You won’t want to risk having your pizza base glue to the wire basket or melted cheese on the wire basket. Plus it makes the taking out of the pizza a breeze.

Air-fry 160degree C for 5mins (this will result in melted cheese only), 180degree C for 5mins (this will brown the cheese). If you don’t like your cheese to be as brown as mine, you can try using 160degree C for 10mins.

This wins the previous Tortilla Pizza I did previously with the mini toaster oven! Not only is the center base not soft, it’s slightly crispy! Just like skinny pizza. Seriously!! And it only takes 10mins cooking time to get a prefect crispy crust and browned cheese skinny pizza at home! This make me suddenly feel so in love with the air-fryer. Now I know where to fix my pizza craving.

Perfecting the recreation is pure happiness