Been awhile since I last try a new item from the frozen processed food section of the supermarket. No idea why I bought this also, but the idea at that time was to get patties to go with the wraps I bought.


I tried searching online for this product but I can’t find the website. There’s a brand also named ‘Farm Pride’ that produced eggs in Aussie, but this Chicken Burger is a product of Malaysia. So I’m really not sure about the origin of this brand. But the packaging looks really presentable.

Each packet comes with 6 chicken patties. I air-fried at 160 degree C for over 12mins. Some oil was being ‘force out’ of the patty. I didn’t really bother about it as I’m eating it as a wrap. I must say I like this chicken patty/ burger. It’s soft and juicy! Taste great too. A bit minced meat but overall still worth trying. I bought mine at NTUC, so I guess all leading supermarket should have this. Good for wrap, burger, or just to go with rice. NICE~

So what it’s processed?