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This is the first time I used the air-fryer for fresh fish fillet and the result was alright. Mum bought this relatively big piece of fish fillet from the market and we had no idea what to do with it. I prefer my fishes to come with head and tail.

So lazy me, just pop the whole piece of fish fillet into the air-fryer. The idea is just to make sure the fish fillet is cook thoroughly. And according to mum, this fish is to the ‘fishy’ side so have to marinate it.

I used a packet of Sauce for Fried Cod Fillet from Lee Kum Lee as marinate and also some ginger paste to ‘kill off’ the fishy taste from the fish fillet.

Air-fried 160degree C for 8mins, turn over, another 8mins (p.s. the remaining sauce was cook on a pan and drizzle on top of the fish)

Objective met. The fish was cooked thoroughly! O yeah!! But the downside, the skin of the fish is too chewy for enjoyment. Might be because of the marinating that caused this. I saw some crispy looking fish that others had air-fried, so I doubt is the air-fryer’s fault. But I must say the fish is rather juicy as compared to pan-fry fish. Though lacking in crispiness, this is still acceptable for the family. Sauce-wise, it goes really well with the fish, wish there’s a bit more sauce even.

But do note that the size of the fish fillet made it quite troublesome to actually flip the fish or even remove it from the basket. Suggest to use smaller fish fillet. And I also laid the basket with aluminum foil for easy cleaning.