I was surfing through some blogs yesterday for recipes and came across this super duper simple way to have your favorite pizza at home! Skinny pizza base! And I happen to have everything I need and so I made it for lunch today and the result was a very satisfied stomach.

When it comes to pizza, I’m very very loyal to my Hawaiian Pizza. Though there’s only cheese, pineapple, ham/ hot dogs as toppings, it’s sufficient to make me a very happy girl. And lucky me, there’s a can of pineapple in the house! And half a slice of ham and some left over hot dogs from the steamboat session. And the best part? Mozzarella Cheese! (likely to been forgotten already)

The recipe uses tortilla wrap as the base, and, I also happened to have some in the freezer (frozen wraps can last up to 3months, according to the package). So there’s no stopping me for trying this DIY pizza. And actual fact, there’s really no need to follow the recipe to the ‘T’. It’s a pizza! Add any toppings you like!

What you need (adapted from Min’s Blog)

Tortilla wrap
Tomato sauce/ paste (i used 1tbsp tomato sauce)
Mozzarella Cheese

For toppings I used (for 1 tortilla pizza)

1 ring of canned pineapple, cut to pieces
half slice of leg ham, cut to pieces
half piece of hot dog, cut to pieces
1 slice of Kraft Singles (as i didn’t have sufficient mozzarella cheese), cut to pieces


1. Defrost tortilla if you are using frozen ones
2. Spread a layer of tomato sauce/ paste. (i sprinkler some dried parsley flakes too)
3. Sprinkler some Mozzarella Cheese, lay the toppings as you wish, finish with some Mozzarella Cheese and if you are using Kraft Singles, place it as the top layer

Bake for 10mins or till cheese melt/ brown till desired in the mini conventional oven. (original call for 180-200’C for 15 minutes)

And the texture is like skinny pizza! Especially the sides that are super crispy. I will use slightly more tomato sauce next time. Though the center area that was covered with the toppings is a bit soft, I have nothing to complain about. Likely to recreate this some time soon since it’s so simple to do! It’s like making sandwiches. The only thing is to have the toppings you like on hand. A children-friendly recipe too.

p.s. pardon the photos, i didn’t have my camera with me at the moment.

Recreating your favorites at home

Updated 21 Aug 12: If you have an air-fryer, you may like to refer to Air-fried Tortilla Hawaiian Pizza instead.