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Ever since there’s air-fryer in the house, I had been trying new stuffs. And this is the first time that we are having pork chop cut of the meat in the house. And first time I’m using bread crumbs.

For the pork chop, I got the frozen ones from NTUC as I’m not sure when we will be having this so instead of getting fresh ones, I opted for frozen ones. Surfed through some recipes online and all of them only call for light seasoning of salt and black pepper. I used garlic salt instead and rested the meat for a few hours before cooking.

One negative point of the air-fryer is the washing part, so I laid a piece of aluminum foil on the wired basket first. And it did help! Washing was much more easier. And the cut of the meat was already quite lean so there’s no need of letting the oil drip out either.

What you need

2 pieces Pork chop
Salt & Black pepper for seasoning (i used garlic salt)
1 tbsp of plain flour
1 egg, beaten
some bread crumbs coated with olive oil (if you are deep frying or pan-frying, omit the olive oil) *idea adapted from Philips Air-Fryer Recipe Book


1. Season the pork chop with salt and black pepper
2. Coat the pork chop with a layer of flour on both sides
3. Coat the pork chop with a layer of egg on both sides
4. Coat the pork chop with bread crumbs on both sides
5. Air-fry, pan-fry, deep-fry

Air-fry 200degree C for 10mins, turn and air-fry for another 5mins

The result was two pieces of nicely air-fried pork chop. Slightly on the dry side for the meat in the middle but nothing a little sauce can’t save. The meat that are nearer to the fats are so juicy and soft. So, do get a cut with more fats if you wanna try this. The bread crumbs mixed with olive oil allowed it to ‘deep fry’ in the air-fryer, adding a crispy layer to the meat. Very well-received dish by the family. The sad thing? The air-fryer can only fry 2 pieces each time, so I only made 2 to be share among 5 pax. But of course there’s other dishes.

Simple but satisfying.