Another air-fried dish to add to the week! The truth is, since I’m chair-bounded, stir-frying etc would be hard for me BUT air-fryer sits at a very compatible height and hence quite a ease for me to cook with it.

Very tasty view right? Bacon is like ‘the’ food in the world. So far no one I knew says no to bacon. Besides me though, as they are rather fattening. But once awhile to pamper your taste buds with it is alright.

And bacon-wrapped chicken are great! I uses chicken breast and the meat wasn’t overly dry after air-frying and there’s really no need to do any additional seasoning as the bacon will provide sufficient favoring. I did sprinkler some black pepper to give it a little something extra. A breeze to make too!

Good for all day – be it appetizer, part of your main course or just a snacks for gathering.

What you need (make 16)

8 pieces Streaky bacon, halved
2 chicken breast, cut to 16 pieces
16 washed toothpicks (i washed them in water to prevent them from turning black during cooking)
some black pepper (optional)


1. Simply wrap/roll each piece of chicken meat with one halved bacon and secured with a toothpick.
2. Sprinkler some black pepper on the chicken meat before wrapping if you are using black pepper.

Air-fry 160degree C for 15mins, alternatively you can also bake them

The recipe is only a guide. Feel free to have smaller pieces of chicken meat if you want to have more portion. It’s my first time doing too. I will likely divide the meat into more portions next time so that the bacon taste can cook in more.

This is really a good way to cook chicken breast meat which most people dislike due to the dryness and texture. The fats from the bacon keeps the meat moist. So give it a go!

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