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Who doesn’t love wanton? Or rather, who doesn’t love that o-so-crispy skin of deep-fried wanton and the silky like skin of boiled wanton. I love them both, but I love the crispy one more.

The minced meat filling had always been tricky. I couldn’t really nail it for quite a few recipes that I found, but this recipe while looking for air-fried stuffs at SAHM which taste I like! And it’s really simple. I did alter the recipe a bit so as to use up the ingredients at home instead of getting new ones.

What you need (adapted from SAHM)
p.s. I halved the amount to air-fried all for one dinner

250g minced meat (i used pork belly minced, the fats gives it a very nice favor)
some chopped yam bean (no actual amount as i just took some from a whole chopped yam bean. original called for 5 water chestnut)
some thinly sliced black fungus
4 dried Chinese mushroom (original called for 6)

wanton skins (i made 18)


4 tbsp sesame oil (original called for 5tbsp, i replaced 1 tbsp with chinese cooking wine)
2 tbsp Chinese cooking wine
4 tbsp light soya sauce
some white pepper


1. Mix everything together (besides the wanton skin) and marinate for at least one hour.
2. Wrap the meat mixture in the wanton skin and seal the sides with water or egg. Personally I preferred using egg.
3. Air-fried 180degree C for 5mins, lower to 100degree C for another 5 mins (original called for 200degree C for 10mins, but I find the skin get fried too dark so I adjusted)

Maybe the original recipe uses frozen wanton thus mine turned out a bit on the dark side for the first batch. The second batch was slightly better. Maybe I would suggest lowering the temperature a bit more if you are trying this using freshly made wanton.

And surprisingly, there’s oil dripping out of the wanton while air-frying!

The result? Healthily air-fried wanton. Though healthy, it can’t be compared with the deep-fried version. Though the ‘wings’ are crispy, it’s also a bit dry as there’s no additional oil on it to give it some moisture. The ‘tummy’ skin of the wanton is a bit dry too and not crispy. But the filling itself is pretty good and moist. Likely to try this using the deep-fry version next time instead. Love the crunch from the yam bean and black fungus. And your nose might catch a hint of the mushroom scent too!

Healthy food aren’t always satisfying