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Moi Lum Restaurant had been around for quite awhile and this brand ‘梅林‘ had always held a special position in my mum’s life. She told us every single time when we went there that only well-to-do people can afford to hold their wedding at Moi Lum (梅林) in the olden days.

But today, almost everyone of us can afford to dine there. Of course, it depends on what you order. And not long ago, there’s a great deal on Groupon! Lucky my mum.

Not sure why, but now they have this new high-tech toy on each table for you to better get the attention of the staffs. Found this a bit unnecessary on the night we dine-in as we could easily got the attention of the staff throughout the night. But this can be very useful when they are slightly under-staff etc.

Seated at one small corner of the restaurant as we have only 5 pax while most of the place is fulled of 10pax tables. Was kinda uncomfortable at our small table but we managed. P.s. the tables are fully reserved the night we went, so good to make a reservation if you plan to go there

Typical Chinese restaurant table setting.

Long Beans Appetizer. They don’t use to serve appetizer. For more profit, maybe? Regardless, this is very bland in taste, but crunchy and doesn’t have the raw vegetable taste. I won’t normally try this but I was freaking hungry that day.

4 dishes and a noodle for 5 pax.

Golden Coin Beancurd. Looks alright but I dislike how the beancurd + mushroom + gravy is hot while the vegetables were cold. Obviously they pre-cooked the greens but the large temperature is really a big no-no. Ignoring that, this is a pretty good dish to go with white rice. The beancurd itself is actually bland in taste so the gravy is really plays a big part here.

Double Boiled Cabbage with Dried Scallops. This is easily on our ‘must order’ list every time we go. Not only is this dish always serve pipping hot on every visit, the cabbage are so soft that it is suitable for everyone in the family and the dried scallops gravy is just oh-so-good!

It’s good to say that the chefs/ owners were not stingy in the use of dried scallops here. Every spoonful of the gravy is accompanied by tons of dried scallops. We ordered a large for this dish, otherwise there will not be enough to go around.

Braised Roast Pork with Yam. The first time we ordered this dish based on the waitress recommendation and it was a regret why we didn’t know about this earlier! The gravy is to the stronger taste side but it is not overly salty, goes absolutely well with rice. And the thick slices of roast pork and extremely soft yam are melt-in-your-mouth type of softness. Personally, I love the yam in this dish more than the roast pork. Though the gravy is strong in taste, the yam did not lost it’s own favor. Another must-try.

Crispy Oatmeal Prawns. I’m lost of words when I see this in front of me. Normally the prawns are just piled on the plate and has lots of crispy oatmeal on top of it. But here, they are like cocktail prawns hanging half-way from a cup. DISLIKE! And that strings of carrot at the bottom, colour-wise is good but it doesn’t really serve a purpose. Pretty sad to see one of my favorite dish like this. Taste-wise is also slightly below average and having the crispy oatmeal inside that small cup, they aren’t crispy by the time we reach them. Any normal zi char stalls could have easily serve a much better crispy oatmeal prawns.

Crispy Noodles with Scrambled Egg (黄浦虾仁面). Alright, I really couldn’t remember the English name of this noodles dish, forgive me. But it literally is a base of crispy noodles topped with a serving of scrambled egg with some beans and prawns, with some gravy in between. Overall, it was a bit too salty but a new way to have crispy noodles. Can skip this though.

Red Bean Paste Pancake. Not really a must have as the skin wasn’t very crispy, but I couldn’t resist ordering this. One of my favorite chinese dessert. It’s warm and it’s sweet. What’s not to love about this? But the skin should have been slightly more crispy. Nothing special but I just like to have this.

If you are tempted, drop by their place. I’m not sure how to go there via public transport, but there’s a public carpark opposite Moi Lum if you are driving. A place I would recommend to bring your parents or parents-to-be to. For youngster, a great place to try out the taste from the past.

Not sure what to ordered? Check out their recommended items at the front door. Otherwise I’m sure the staffs will be able to recommend. Enjoy!

Moi Lum Restaurant Pte Ltd
38 Maxwell Road, Airview Building, #01-01/02
Singapore 096116
Tel: 6226 2283

A taste from the past