I was super excited about the newly received that I used the big black egg for the third time in just two days. This time, I did a simple and light marinate for the mid-wings and I started to realize the limitation of the air-fryer.

Generally I don’t really follow any recipe for marination and just throw in what I feel right at the time itself. And this time, somehow, I did a very light-taste (or bland) marination. But, the skin of the wings was HEAVENLY! It’s only the meat that is on the bland side. But nothing that cannot be save with some mayo or chilli sauce.

What I used

14 Mid-wings
1 tbsp Chinese cooking wine
1 tbsp Sesame oil
Some ginger juice (optional)
4 spoonful of sugar (this gave a sweet tasting skin)

180degree C for 20mins, turn at 10mins

The sad thing was, it took me 40mins to air-fry all 14 mid-wings because the basket is only sufficient to place 7 mid-wings at one time. I doubt I can overlay them and still get crispy skins as there won’t be sufficient ventilation. Maybe I should invest in a mini rack to put inside.

Another downside was that some coating/ skin got stuck with the wired basket. Washing must be quite a bit, but should be mind if you soak before washing.

On a happier note, the air-frying truly ‘force’ out the oil from the skin and produce a nicely evenly browned and crispy skin for all 14 mid-wings. I cannot tell you how much I love biting into the crispy skin without lesser guilt. A stronger marinate would have made this dish a better success.

So if you ask me now whether this air-fryer is worth getting, I would say it really depends. If you have a small family, yes, but the washing might be troublesome. If you have a big family, no, unless you plan to air-fry frozen convenient food most of the time, otherwise the cooking time will be quite long to get enough food to serve everyone.

p.s. the air-fryer really produce very tasty frozen convenient food.