Grabbed a box of the Prima Taste Singapore Satay previously and it had been ignored in the store room for the longest time ever. Out of all the brands of ready-to-go kit out there, I love Prima Taste the most as they gives the most ‘Singapore’ taste so far. Used to cook them on a regular basis when they were first introduced too.

I did the short-cut way (as usual). No onion, and no cucumber by the side. No satay sticks even! The initial plan was to Steamboat-BBQ the satay marinated chicken so all I used was a box of the Prima Taste Singapore Satay and some chicken. I used 4 thighs and ignored the weight.

Another advantage of getting Prima Taste was they labeled everything nicely and a very detailed recipe. There’s 3 packets of paste – 1 for marinate (A) and 2 for the satay sauce (B & C). I didn’t do the satay sauce though, as it contains shrimp paste and I can’t eat seafood yet.

The packet of paste for marinate really smells like the real thing! The downside was that you would need to marinate the chicken in the fridge for 6hours. (p.s. overall the chicken was marinated for a few days as they were leftover from the Steamboat-BBQ session)

Having the leftovers inside the freezer for too long, and having a NEW TOY, decided to Air Fry the satay chicken!

After defrosting the chicken, lightly coat them with corn flour or potato flour. No additional oil required. Air-fry for 180degree C for 20 min, turning them one to two times. That simple!

The outcome is a plate of very tasty satay chicken with crispy skin! A new way to have one of my favorite local meat and I love it! And having air-fried it, there’s also lesser oil from the skin as the air-frying process actually ‘forced’ some oil to drip away and no taste of oiliness unlike deep-fried chicken.

Love the Air Fryer!

Healthy way to unhealthy food