Lets welcome the new member in the kitchen – Philips Air Fryer!

Used it twice and I’m already in love with it. Once was on fresh stuffs and another on frozen convenient food. Both outcomes are great! Can’t wait to try more.

Potatoes seems to be the BFF of Philips Air Fryer. Most of the recipes recommended are on potatoes. And since there’s still remaining baby potatoes, decided to air-fry them! Good way to use up all the potatoes and also try the air-fryer.

Air-fried Potatoes

Potatoes, cubed (i used 10 baby potatoes), soaked in water for 30mins and drained
Season with garlic salt, chilli powder (adjust to your taste)
Coat with half tbsp of olive oil

Air-fry 180degree C, 20mins (alternative, bake till soft)
Goes very well with mayonnaise

The only downside, the potatoes cubes are not very crispy but it was good enough for us.

Normally I will bake the potatoes and they tend to get a bit dry and hard, but air-frying them retained both the moisture and taste. And the cooking time is also shorter with air-fryer as compared to baking.

Thumbs-up for the air-fried potatoes!