I’m really not a Pocky girl. You wouldn’t see me buy any biscuit 90% of the time. That 10% I would likely get butter cookies. But we were at BKK and there’s nothing else to buy, so we bought this *points below* (along with the zillion packets of instant noodles).

I am chair-ridden for the next one month and had been for more than two weeks. One fine day I’m craving for some snacks and I search through that bag of stuffs we bought from BKK and starting slowly to forget and found this! Glico Pretz Super Butter!

It’s really good!

It’s like having a toasted bread soaked in a good bowl of the best tasting melted butter on earth in your mouth. The only difference was that, there’s no butter oozing out from the center of the biscuit. But it tasted exactly like butter-soaked-toasted-bread for every single bite! And the saltiness is just so well balanced. It’s salty, but not that unwelcoming for you to grab a cup of water right away.

This is really worth getting. Especially if you love butter or salty snacks.

Wonders of Japan/ Japanese. They make everything so right and real.