It’s a virgin visit to Canton Paradise and I’m in LOVE!

I have no clue where this very atas-looking restaurant came from but it’s purple color theme decoration caught my eyes when it opened it’s outlet in JCube. And having it name itself ‘Canton Paradise’ and long waiting listing, the food should be good!

I love the setting. The table for four is big – unlike some restaurant where the table hardly contain the amount of food we ordered. The chair is very comfy! And comes with arm rest. And yes, the place is very atas inside out, outside in.

I can’t help but ordered a list of items. And there’s still so many items I wanna try!

Original Chilled Milk Tea – Very flavorful, but doesn’t really goes well with the food we ordered. Warm water would had been better. But how can one goes to a HK-themed eating place and not try their milk tea?

Cuttlefish & Peanut Congee – But there’s more than just cuttlefish and peanut, there’s also some chicken meat, fish slices and vege in it. Basically it’s a very mixed-up congee. The congee itself is very smoothing and taste of broth. And not to mention, the serving was HUGE! I was very hungry but only manged half bowl.

Assorted BBQ Meat Rice – It does looks very normal and nothing special. But ‘tear’ open the plate of rice, there’s actually gravy of the roasted pork underneath which added flavor to the rice. But not on my ‘to-eat-list’.

Roast Pork – This is good. But can be better. The skin is very crispy, but the meat lack a bit more flavor. I was hopping for a slight more saltiness and flavor but it’s more of a hint from the meat. And the layer of fats between the skin and meat was almost non-existent when you bite in. No feel of oiliness in this.

Canton Jumbo Prawn Wanton Noodles – I have no idea how to put it, but this is bad. The soup is full of the noodles taste, some called it the alkaline taste. The noodle itself is full of that taste too. Even the skin of the wanton is of that taste. A very failed wanton noodle soup if you ask me. The prawn filling in the wanton is passable though.

BBQ Pork Belly with Honey – I was told this is what Canton Paradise is famous for. And you guess it, this is slightly more costly than their counterparts on the menu. This is worth trying. There’s this top super-thin layer of char on top of each carefully sliced piece. And each piece was coated in their thick and flavorful sauce. I love the sauce more than the meat actually. And what wow-ed me was that thin layer of char. Yummy!

Note that the layer of fats there, but it’s not there once it’s in your mouth.

Wanton with Chilli Sauce – Very normal. I preferred Crystal Jade’s chilli sauce to this. It lacked that kick of black vinegar + spiciness together. Too light for me.

Crisp-fried Crystal Prawn with Salted Egg York – This is very SINFUL! But I LOVE! Each mega prawn was good for 3 bites and each coated nicely with this bright yellow color heavenly bites of salted egg york. And yet the salted egg york did not overpower the sweetness of prawn. They compliment each other and did not fight.

Baked BBQ Pork Pastry – I can’t help but order this after that plate of pork belly. I just know they will perfect this dim sum nicely with their heavenly BBQ pork and I was right!

Bite into the flaky thin layer of pastry and your tongue will be greeted with a very sauce-ful of BBQ pork. And it’s not just sauce, it’s a very meaty filling too! Heavenly made. My tummy was exploding but I still manged to stomach two of this. This is how tasty the BBQ Pork Pastry is. I’m already considering to take-away this whenever I go JCube.

This is why I’m in Love.

And the service is WONDERFUL! I accidentally dropped one chopstick and the service crew picked it up very fast and handed me another one. *impress*

Total damage for all the above to fill three stomachs to the brim was $82 (including ++). So price-wise, it’s not very pricey. And most of the food is definitely worthy. I will definitely go back soon to try more of their dim sum.

This is my new love